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The Pig Simulator 2 VR

​Playing the Pig Simulator means to see the world through the eyes of a virtual pig with Virtual Reality. · By Tekklertools


Recent updates

Downloads are now native over butler
- Downloads are now handeled over butler the uploader - removed the sharpen - added headbop for the nonVR version...
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better rocks!
A minor update, but one that was a personal thing for me ... some decent boulders in the background now...
Unfortunately there was another game breaking bug for non-VR users ... the space key of course should not be used at the same time for jumping and skipping scen...
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Version r1b
Hi There! I fixed a little bug with the gate. Some people are able to escape prematurely. Which is not intended. Also the LODs resolve better now. Stay tuned f...
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Hi there!
This is the first public downloadable Demo of Pig Simulator. There is still many bugs and there will be more polish of the assets and everything else. But it i...
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